John B. Fox

Technologist and life enthusiast based in Boston, Massachusetts

A Software Developer ...

With 5 years of coding experience and a B.S. Computer Science, I have the ability to program robust fully functional software. I have experience across the whole stack, from Angular to PLSQL.

with an eye for design.

What most programmers lack is the ability to craft beatiful user friendly designs. I'm currently applying this synthesis of design and tech to my UX development role at Fidelity Investments.

Extracurricular Endeavors


I've been shredding the mountains since the tender age of 5 without intentions of stopping any time soon. No steeps, moguls, glades, or terrain parks are safe.


While I'm primarily a jam band connosieur, the limitations to my taste are endless. Bring me to a concert and I'm sure I will love what I hear there.


The world is best learned about not by reading a book but by imersing oneself into it. I'm never one to shy away from new experiences and opportunities.

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John B. Fox
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